All you wanna do is just listen to your heart

This year is so meaningful for my life.
Why? Its because I feel like I know the really what I want
and what kind of life would that I live on.

Everybody must have own dream.
But the challenge is sometimes we don’t know this is the really what we love OR we hope it because mostly people want it and you will be very satisfied if you can get what many people desire to.

Just look into your deepest heart. IS THIS TRULY WHAT YOU WANT?
You have to answer it because it is very important!
You must answer it undoubtly and confidently.
Of course because THIS will be your life journey, a whole life journey.

And thank God, at my age is 25 years in this year. I’ve got the best answer!

Soon, These choices will change my way of life drastically.

1. For career, I must be a full business man.

I know do the business is not simple as if we work as employee at people’s company. Do the business can go up but often makes us falling down to the deepest ground. And we don’t have fix salary. Business life is very dynamic. We can be very happy, very sad until cry, don’t sleep tight, 24 hours working.

True about what people say, it needs VERY BIG BRAVE to do it. But, the positive thinbg is we can arrange our time selves. We decide what time we wake up in the morning, what time we go outside the home, what place we want work at here at there. Its just about do OUR PLAN, not being a part of others plan. As the bonus, the goal of doing business is free time and free financial.

I did it. My first step is in the middle of this year 2012, I opened the first business, that was frenchise cake counter. And it was really realy to wake up the lion king inside my body.

After that, I have so many ideas for doing the other business. Very exciting!

2. Travel around the world.

Of course to do the travelling, it won’t happen if we still to be an employee. What the time we had for this? For me tobe an employee I just have 12 days of holiday per year. Its very impossible if we have plan travel for 1 month or 2 month or more.

Well, My dream travel is going to accoss the seas, that is Europe. I want to go to the country which had beautiful building with awesome yellow lights. And another romantic parts of europe. So, this is my life goal too. Go to the place which usually we can see just in book, internet or television. Enter to local people and feel the very sensation atmosphere.

The conclude is This is our life, life is just once.

Don’t make our life is just average and flat like mostly people who limited by their minds.

Make our life to be extraordinary and be inspiration for others. I know YOU and ME can do this absolutely.


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